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Introducing Develop with AWS for Jira

Introducing Develop with AWS for Compass

Introducing Integrate with AWS for Compass

AWS Step Functions Gains Integrations With Over 200 Additional Services

Tasks for AWS 2.23

Tasks for AWS 2.22

Automation with AWS 1.10

Identity Federation for AWS 2.15

Amazon SNS Gains Message Archiving and Analytics via Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Introducing Visualize with AWS for Jira and Confluence

AWS Step Functions Gains Synchronous Express Workflows

Automation with AWS 1.9

Tasks for AWS 2.21

Identity Federation for AWS 2.14

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Gains Delivery to HTTP Endpoints

AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) Supports Step Functions State Machines

Automation with AWS 1.8

Tasks for AWS 2.20

Identity Federation for AWS 2.13

Tasks for AWS 2.19

Automation with AWS 1.7

Identity Federation for AWS 2.12

AWS Step Functions Gains Callback Patterns to Resume Paused Workflows

Tasks for AWS 2.18

Automation with AWS 1.6

Identity Federation for AWS 2.11

Automation with AWS 1.5

AWS Identity and Access Management Gains Tags and Attribute-Based Access Control

Tasks for AWS 2.17

Amazon S3 Increases Request Rate Performance and Drops Randomized Prefix Requirement

Tasks for AWS 2.16

Automation with AWS 1.4

Identity Federation for AWS 2.10

Identity Federation for AWS 2.9

AWS Config Gains Cross-Account, Cross-Region Data Aggregation

AWS Open Sources and Expands Serverless Application Model (SAM) Implementation

Automation with AWS 1.3

AWS Makes Serverless Application Repository Generally Available

Real-Time Insights on AWS Account Activity

AWS Instance Scheduler

AWS Streamlines Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Pricing Model and Operational Complexity

Tasks for AWS 2.15

Amazon CloudWatch Dashboards Gains API and CloudFormation Support

Identity Federation for AWS 2.8

AWS Ops Automator

Amazon CloudWatch Events Gains Cross-Account Event Delivery

AWS Tagging Strategies

AWS Multiple Account Security Strategy

Automation with AWS 1.2

Tasks for AWS 2.14

Tasks for AWS 2.13

Identity Federation for AWS 2.7

Atlassian Opens up Team Health Monitors and Team Playbook Blueprints

AWS Organizations Offers Centralized Policy-Based Account Management

Native AWS Security-Logging Capabilities

New Quick Start deploys Confluence Data Center from Atlassian on the AWS Cloud

Automation with AWS 1.1

Tasks for AWS 2.12

Identity Federation for AWS 2.6

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) Gains FIFO Queues

AWS Launches Amazon Linux Container Image

EBS Snapshot Scheduler

New AWS Quick Starts for Atlassian JIRA Software and Bitbucket Data Center

Automation with AWS 1.0

EC2 Scheduler

AWS Secure Initial Account Setup

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) Gains Worldwide SMS Delivery

Identity Federation for AWS 2.5

Tasks for AWS 2.11

Bitbucket Pipelines Provides Continuous Delivery within Atlassian’s Bitbucket Cloud

AWS Multiple Account Billing Strategy

Identity Federation for AWS 2.4

Tasks for AWS 2.10

IAM in Practice

Tasks for AWS 2.9

Atlassian Launches JIRA 7 Platform with Three Standalone JIRA Editions

AWS Simplifies Resource Access with VPC Endpoints, Initially Supporting S3

Identity Federation for AWS 2.3

Tasks for AWS 2.8

Tasks for AWS 2.7

Identity Federation for AWS 2.2

Atlassian's Stash Data Center Offers High Availability and Scalability for Git

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Adds Preconfigured Docker Containers for Go

Bitbucket Launches Snippets for Teams

Atlassian Launches HipChat Server for Team Collaboration Behind the Firewall

Amazon CloudWatch Supports JSON Logs and Integrates AWS CloudTrail

Amazon EC2 Gains Two-Minute Warning for Spot Instance Termination

Tasks for AWS 2.6

AWS Releases CloudTrail Processing Library

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Adds Preconfigured Docker Platform

Identity Federation for AWS 2.1

Tasks for AWS 2.5

Amazon CloudWatch Gains Log Monitoring and Storage

Atlassian Launches Project Portfolio Management Solution for JIRA

AWS Adds Hooks Into Expanded Auto Scaling Lifecycle

Refreshed AWS Trusted Advisor Offers Several Free Checks

Identity Federation for AWS 2.0

Tasks for AWS 2.4

AWS Expands Credential Lifecycle Management and Monitoring

AtlasCamp 2014 Highlights: New REST APIs and Data Center Offerings

AWS CloudTrail Expands Auditing of API Calls

IBM's Nick O'Leary Demos Node-RED for the Internet of Things

Tasks for AWS 2.3

Microsoft's New OneNote Service API Backs Free Apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android

Tasks for AWS 2.2

Tasks for AWS 2.1

Tasks for AWS 2.0