AWS Ops Automator

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers its customers several methods to help automate manual tasks such as snapshot scheduling. However, it can be a challenge to automate these tasks on various AWS resources across multiple regions and accounts.

To help customers more easily manage cross-account and cross-region automation, AWS offers the AWS Ops Automator solution. This solution enables customers to easily configure schedules to automatically create, copy, and delete Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots, and copy and delete Amazon Redshift snapshots. The solution also enables you to automatically set the throughput capacity for Amazon DynamoDB on a schedule.

The AWS Ops Automator is designed to provide a core framework for automated tasks, allowing you to focus on extending the solution's functionality rather than managing the underlying infrastructure operations. The solution can be customized to include task audit trails, logging, resource selection, scaling, API request retries, completion handing for long tasks, and concurrency handling.