Tasks for AWS 2.4

Tasks for AWS icon The Utoolity team is pleased to present Tasks for AWS 2.4 – this release adds shared AWS security credentials management by integrating with Identity Federation for AWS (Bamboo), persists credentials of type Inline through the Bamboo EncryptionService API, and adds support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Server Core solution stacks in AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments.


Shared AWS security credentials management

You can now manage AWS security credentials centrally by means of an integration with the Identity Federation for AWS (Bamboo) add-on:

  • add long-term AWS security credentials (IAM users) once, configure AWS access for Atlassian groups with temporary credentials and fine grained permissions via IAM Policies thereafter (Identity Broker)

  • grant easy access to AWS resources directly via menu links to the AWS Management Console (see the User's Guide for details)

    this can optionally include access to your elastic agents for administrators (or any other group with access to the resp. AWS Connector)

No Charge

Usage of Identity Federation for AWS (Bamboo) is free for Tasks for AWS licensees, see the Licensing & Purchasing FAQ for details.

Improved security of Inline credentials persistence

AWS security credentials of type Inline are now persisted through the Bamboo EncryptionService API on Save for new or existing tasks.

No Real Encryption

Please note that the Bamboo EncryptionService API naming is misleading for the time being - as properly phrased in the method summary of com.atlassian.bamboo.security.EncryptionServiceImpl, the decrypt()/encrypt() methods just provide means to obfuscate sensitive data.

No Automatic Migration

Existing task configurations are not upgraded automatically, you need to explicitly edit and save them once. Given most users want to upgrade to shared AWS credentials managed via Identity Federation for AWS instead, we felt this to be an acceptable compromise - please get in touch if your situation requires a different approach, we are willing to discuss this on a case by case base.

Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Server Core solution stacks in AWS Elastic Beanstalk tasks

The available solution stacks have been updated to include the latest versions, notably including the recently introduced Windows Server 2012 R2 and Server Core stacks, see the resp. announcement and related posts:

Release notes

For more details about this release, please refer to the Tasks for AWS 2.4 Release Notes.