Identity Federation for AWS 2.14

Identity Federation for AWS icon The Utoolity team is pleased to present Identity Federation for AWS 2.14 – this release adds an IAM role for EC2/ECS credentials provider and introduces namespace and scope handling for generated Bamboo variables.

Highlights (Core)

Provide AWS security credentials via an IAM role for EC2/ECS

You can now enable the IAM role for EC2/ECS credentials provider via a feature flag. If you have provisioned your Atlassian workloads on Amazon EC2 (for example, via the Atlassian Data Center on AWS Quick Starts), Amazon ECS, or AWS Fargate, you can now benefit from the convenience and flexibility of providing AWS security credentials via IAM roles for Amazon EC2 instances and IAM roles for Amazon ECS tasks.

IAM Role for EC2/ECS feature flag

Highlights (Bamboo)

Adjust generated Bamboo variable namespace and scope

Similar to the Inject Bamboo variables task that has been included with Bamboo as of release 6.7, you can now specify the namespace and scope for Bamboo variables generated by the AWS Credentials Variables and Amazon ECR Credentials Variables tasks to enable more flexible build orchestration. You can now pass a variable between stages, pass a variable from a plan to a deployment project, and you can use multiple tasks within the same job without overriding variables from preceding tasks by adjusting the namespace. The tasks default to the preceding behavior with local scope and a namespace so that this remains an opt-in choice for advanced use cases.

Bamboo variable namespace/scope settings

Release notes

For more details about this release, please refer to the Identity Federation for AWS 2.14 Release Notes.