Tasks for AWS 2.6

Tasks for AWS icon The Utoolity team is pleased to present Tasks for AWS 2.6 – this release adds new tasks to deploy code to Amazon EC2 instances with AWS CodeDeploy, and supports succeeding a build when Amazon EC2 resource filters aren't matching any resources. You can now create/stop/prepare AWS CodeDeploy deployments, and create/update/delete AWS CodeDeploy applications and deployment groups.


New tasks for AWS CodeDeploy

You can now facilitate Amazon Web Service's new platform and language agnostic deployment automation offering AWS CodeDeploy to consistently deploy your application across your development, test, and production environments - this is enabled by three new tasks:

Optionally succeed Amazon EC2 resource tasks if no resources match the filter

The EC2 resource filter handling introduced in release 2.4.5 yields use cases where not matching any resources is valid and shouldn't trigger the build to fail. To account for such scenarios, you can now check the Don't fail for empty filter result option to prevent the task failing if no matching resources are found.

Support for Docker 1.3 in AWS Elastic Beanstalk tasks

The available solution stacks have been updated to include the latest versions, see the resp. announcements:

Updated solution stacks are always usable manually as soon as they are made available by AWS - this simply updates the user interface to include those for convenient selection.

Release notes

For more details about this release, please refer to the Tasks for AWS 2.6 Release Notes.