Identity Federation for AWS 2.10

Identity Federation for AWS icon The Utoolity team is pleased to present Identity Federation for AWS 2.10 – this release adds an updated REST API version 2.1 that allows to manage credentials and connectors, is available as a Data Center approved app, and increases performance for users with large connector pools.


Manage credentials and connectors via the REST API

The REST API has gained an updated minor version 2.1 to also support DELETE|POST|PUT methods for accounts (access keys) and connectors so that administrators can automate the provisioning and management of credentials and connectors (for example, to rotate AWS access keys) – refer to the Developer Guide for details.

Provision Identity Federation for AWS as a Data Center approved app

The Utoolity team is proud that the entire Identity Federation for AWS app family has qualified for the Data Center approved apps launch at Summit Europe 2018. This achievement was made possible by a significant engineering effort that also benefits our Server customers because applicable performance and scalability improvements within the shared code base will be available for both deployment options right away. We will follow suit striving for official approval of our Automation with AWS app family over the coming months (all our apps have been Data Center compatible from the get-go, but the Data Center approval program ensures that all apps are formally vetted against agreed upon quality standards within the ecosystem).

Gain increased performance with large connector pools

As part of the work to qualify for the Data Center approved apps launch we have been able to significantly increase the performance of deployments with large connector pools.

Release notes

For more details about this release, please refer to the Identity Federation for AWS 2.10 Release Notes.