Introducing Integrate with AWS for Compass

Integrate with AWS icon We are excited to launch our first app for Atlassian's new developer experience platform Compass for teams with a ‘You build it, you run it’ mindset.

Link and track your AWS resources – integrate Amazon Web Services with your DevOps workflows in Compass. Meet Integrate with AWS (Compass):

Integrate with AWS allows you to track your AWS resources right within Compass. The initial release supports import of AWS resources as Compass components, provides deep links to resources and dashboards in the AWS Management Console, and tracks resource health and compliance:

We'd like to fully utilize all capabilities of the evolving Compass platform, and we are currently exploring how to enrich the integration with AWS events and metrics, for example:

  • Ingestion of AWS service events into the Compass activity stream - notable candidates are AWS Config configuration and compliance change events, AWS Tagging events, and of course CloudFormation deployment events for AWS resources associated with a Compass component
  • Ingestion of applicable AWS resource metrics, and ideally providing sensible default scorecards for AWS workloads like 'AWS compliance score' (AWS Config), 'AWS security score' (AWS Security Hub), 'AWS resiliency score' (AWS Resiliency Hub), and 'AWS well-architected score' (AWS Well-Architected Tool)

We'd love to get your feedback! Contact our products team to let us know which AWS integrations for Compass would simplify the management of your distributed architecture.

Integrate with AWS is available via the Compass in-product Marketplace today – learn more and try it for free in Compass.

Integrate with AWS on the Atlassian Marketplace