Introducing Visualize with AWS for Jira and Confluence

Visualize with AWS icon After winning an encouraging second place in the category 'Built with Forge' at Codegeist 2020, we are excited to launch our first Atlassian Cloud apps for Jira and Confluence just in time for Atlassian Team 2021.

Maintain and render declarative charts and diagrams as code alongside your Jira issues and Confluence content. Meet Visualize with AWS (Jira) and Visualize with AWS (Confluence):

Visualize with AWS allows you to use a variety of declarative chart and diagram rendering engines to visualize any kind of data. The initial releases provide a Jira issue panel and Confluence macro to render one or more visualizations like architecture diagrams, operational metrics, or business reports right in context with your workflows. Diagrams can be provided and edited inline, or referenced via URL for more complex or dynamically updating charts and diagrams.

Visualize with AWS is built on the shoulders of several popular open-source (OSS) visualization frameworks like Vega/Vega-lite, PlantUML, Mermaid, and Graphviz.

It is implemented atop Atlassian's new app development platform Forge and uses an API provided by a Serverless stack on AWS (Amazon Web Services) – this allows us to provide a secure and inexpensive solution that can be extended with additional rendering engines and custom data sources down the road so that you effectively gain a flexible image rendering pipeline for live data.

We want to evolve the apps towards a low-cost and zero lock-in "charts and diagrams as code" solution, allowing you to maintain your visualizations wherever you please and retain full ownership and control of your data.

Celebrating our launch for Team 2021, we are happy to offer an early bird promotion, providing free usage of the apps for six months – help shape the future of diagrams as code with us!

Visualize with AWS is available in the Atlassian Marketplace today – learn more and try it for free in Jira and Confluence.

Visualize with AWS on the Atlassian Marketplace