Newly launched Compass Marketplace makes way for our AWS integrations

Atlassian has just launched the Compass Marketplace - this is a milestone for the entire Atlassian community and, in particular, for us:

Utoolity AWS integrations for Compass on the Atlassian Marketplace

We are excited to announce that our two AWS integrations for Atlassian’s developer experience platform Compass can now be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace. The apps have already been available via the Compass in-app Marketplace for a while, and the Atlassian Marketplace listings make them even easier to discover and explore.

Speaking of, are you wondering why we are offering two AWS integrations? Glad you asked, here's what differentiates our Integrate with AWS and Develop with AWS app families:

Value proposition & differences

Integrate with AWS

Integrate with AWS is our general integration for all teams who use AWS with Atlassian products – link and track your AWS resources so that you can use deep links to resources and dashboards in the AWS Management Console right from your Atlassian based workflows. It operates primarily on the level of the AWS resource abstraction and supports almost every available AWS resource type. It's implemented atop the Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) concept and leverages AWS services that understand this as well, such as AWS Application Manager, AWS Config, and AWS Resource Explorer.

Utoolity Integrate with AWS diagram

Develop with AWS

Develop with AWS is our specialized integration for teams with a 'You build it, you run it' mindset – connect your AWS DevOps toolchain to the Atlassian Open DevOps experience in Jira and Compass so that you can see build and deployment events and metrics from tools like AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeCommit, and AWS CloudFormation right in Jira and Compass.

Utoolity Develop with AWS diagram

While closely related, their value proposition and technical complexity differ significantly. Not everyone uses the AWS DevOps toolchain, and the event-driven integration requires more compute resources, so separating this out allows us to offer Integrate with AWS at a lower price point.

The pricing

While our Compass apps are commercially supported offerings today, they will remain free until the Marketplace supports the well established Paid via Atlassian (PvA) licensing model for Compass apps, too. Atlassian’s Compass specific app pricing tiers have yet to be announced, but as an orientation, you can expect Develop with AWS (Compass) to be priced similar to its sibling app Develop with AWS (Jira), and Integrate with AWS (Compass) at a respectively lower price point.

Team '24 promotion

Celebrating the Compass Marketplace launch in context of Team '24, we are happy to offer a 25% discount on Develop with AWS (Jira). Please refer to our Team '24 promotion for details.

Looking ahead

We are currently on a journey to significantly upgrade the user experience thanks to the release of AWS Resource Explorer and a long overdue UI technology upgrade of the Atlassian Forge platform. You can already taste the modernized UI in various views, and we'll follow up with an in-app AWS resource browsing experience soon to ease connecting your resources with Jira and Compass.

We'd love to get your feedback! Contact our products team to let us know which AWS services and resource types would help with the management of your distributed architecture.

Utoolity AWS integrations for Compass on the Atlassian Marketplace