Tasks for AWS

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Tasks for your DevOps workflows – provision and operate Amazon Web Services resources from Bamboo build and deployment projects for development, testing and disaster recovery scenarios:

  • AWS CloudFormation – provision a collection of AWS resources from templates to gain infrastructure as code:
    • Create/Update/Delete/Validate CloudFormation stacks
    • Create/Execute/Delete CloudFormation stack change sets
  • AWS CodeDeploy – deploy arbitrary apps and services in a platform and language agnostic way:
    • Create/Update/Delete CodeDeploy applications and deployment groups
    • Create/Stop/Prepare CodeDeploy deployments
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk – deploy and operate Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Docker based apps and services with AWS' platform as a service offering:
    • Create/Update/Delete Elastic Beanstalk applications and application versions
    • Create/Update/Rebuild/Restart/Swap/Terminate Elastic Beanstalk environments
  • AWS Lambda – deploy and operate microservices with AWS' fully managed event-driven compute service:
    • Create/Update/Delete/Invoke/Entitle Lambda functions
    • Create/Update/Delete Lambda event source mappings
  • AWS Step Functions – deploy distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows:
    • Create/Delete Step Functions state machines
    • Start/Stop Step Functions state machine executions
  • AWS Systems Manager – manage parameters and secrets with AWS' secure, hierarchical storage for configuration data:
    • Put/Get/Delete Systems Manager parameters
  • AWS OpsWorks – configure and operate applications using AWS' Chef based configuration management service:
    • Create/Update/Delete OpsWorks applications
    • Run OpsWorks app and stack commands
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) – deploy and operate Docker containers with AWS' highly scalable, high performance container orchestration service:
    • Create/Update/Delete ECS clusters and services
    • Run/Start/Stop ECS tasks
    • Register ECS task definitions
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) – operate instances only when needed by a build or at specific times of the day, manage schedules for backup sets with retention handling, or create snapshots and images (AMIs) of deployed build artifacts:
    • Start/Stop/Reboot EC2 instances
    • Create/Delete/Backup EC2 images
    • Create/Delete/Backup EBS snapshots
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) – store and retrieve artifacts via AWS' highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast and inexpensive infrastructure:
    • Upload/Download/Copy/Delete S3 objects

Relation to the Bamboo AWS Plugin: Tasks for AWS (Bamboo) 2.x is the commercially supported successor of the deprecated Bamboo AWS Plugin 1.x.