Integrate with AWS

Integrate with AWS icon Link and track your AWS resources – integrate Amazon Web Services with your DevOps workflows in Compass (Jira and Confluence are in the works):

Utoolity Integrate with AWS diagram

Integrate with AWS (Compass)

Atlassian Compass icon The initial Integrate with AWS release targets Atlassian's new developer experience platform Compass for DevOps teams with a ‘You build it, you run it’ mindset. It currently supports import of AWS resources as Compass components, provides deep links to resources and dashboards in the AWS Management Console, and tracks resource health and compliance.


Integrate with AWS enables you to track your AWS resources right within Compass – available integrations are:

Roadmapped integrations for Jira and Confluence are:

  • Service and product events – surface AWS service events in Atlassian products and vice versa
  • Jira project page – track related resources alongside your Jira projects
  • Jira issue panel – track related resources alongside your Jira issues
  • Confluence space page – track related resources alongside your Confluence spaces
  • Confluence page byline – track related resources alongside your Confluence content

AWS resource types

The app currently supports all resource types that you can use with the AWS Resource Groups and Tag Editor.

Please don't hesitate to contact our products team if you are interested in this app. We'd be happy to learn more about your use case to help us prioritize our roadmap.

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