Identity Federation for AWS

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Federated Amazon Web Services access for users and tasks – grant fine grained permissions (using temporary credentials only) and integrate AWS into your Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Bamboo DevOps workflows (Identity Broker/Token Vendor):

  • Secure your AWS credentials – store long-term AWS security credentials with industry standard encryption without exposing them to your users (or apps).
  • Empower your Atlassian users – provide Single Sign-On (SSO) to the AWS Management Console.
  • Provide variables with AWS Security Credentials and Amazon ECR Authentication Credentials to AWS unaware tasks – leverage tools that are not integrated with Identity Federation for AWS, but accept credentials for AWS or the Elastic Container Registry (Docker) via the command line or environment variables.
  • Integrate tailored AWS resources – use the REST API to provision AWS resources based on the Atlassian user name (e.g. a dedicated Amazon S3 bucket or EC2 instance per developer).
  • Forget about distributing or revoking AWS credentials, yet control access to AWS resources – grant fine grained permissions for AWS resources to Atlassian users via via Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, based on one or few sets of long-term AWS security credentials only. Never worry about team composition or employee leave, AWS resource permissions simply follow group membership changes.
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